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Activate the sacred twin connection between VOICE and SEXUALITY

There is a profound connection between your creative expression centre (throat chakra) and creative power centre (sex chakra). VENUS VOICE is an opportunity to explore this twin-connection and become aware of how it is influencing the flow of your life. The two chakra’s (2nd and 5th) are yin and yang to each other and whatever condition one is in, the other will be similar. For example, if a woman feels she has a voice issues and it’s difficult for her to speak her truth, quite often there is similar energy blockage on the sexual centre as well.

Opening and healing one of the twin-centres, starts the healing process in the other. VENUS VOICE is your opportunity to heal your voice and sex centres and guide you in understanding the blockages that are holding back your full creative expression in health, wealth, love and self-expression.



The venus session you have given me has helped me rebuild my life and create meaning and rekindle my passion for life. Now I have a whole new vision for my life. Thank you.
— Katharine, UK
  • An opportunity to turn up a notch on your creative expression in your life and art.
  • Explore the roots of creativity and sexuality in your life.
  • Insight into your unique blocks in your throat and sex chakra that are keeping you poor, mediocre, unfulfilled and unexpressed.
  • Learn how you can transform your unique blocks so that you experience flow of creative power and creative expression in your life and relationships.
  • How to thrive in your body and your life.
  • How to ground your creative gifts in the body so that you can thrive and live in flow and abundance.

  • How to own and fully express your Venus Voice.



Venus Voice session consists of one private, 1h-long online session and a practicum with customized experiences and activities. 

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It’s easy to get started with the VENUS VOICE session.

1.    Click on the registration button on this page and complete the payment process.

2.    Look for my email from that will contain instructions to schedule your session. and how to best prepare.