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“In the beginning was the Word”

Your soul has its own signature sound. This sound is sacred to your soul. This is the sound of the origin of your soul. She can use it to create realities, experiences even physical objects. Oh yes- physical objects! If you dig a bit deeper and you look beyond “common sense” you will discover that many of the ancient structures such as Pyramids, Stonehenge and other stone circles are actually built by using the power of the sound. Sound is the primary creator and can you imagine what would be possible to create when you discover your soul’s signature sound?

When I guide people to connect to the signature sound of their souls in SOUL VOICE sessions, I’m always in awe of what comes through. Sometimes it’s a very primal sound and sometimes there are words coming through in ancient languages. Sometimes it’s a light language and systems of communications from other places in galaxy. It always is very empowering and sacred for a soul to get to connect to her signature sound.

In SOUL VOICE sessions you will explore:

  1. How to clearly hear the voice of your soul 
  2. You will be guided to find signature sound of your soul
  3. What is the origin of the signature sound of your soul
  4. How to use the signature sound of your soul for manifestation
  5. How to use the signature sound of your voice in your career and relationships
  6. How to use the signature sound of your voice to embody more of your soul 


Once we receive your purchase we will contact you to schedule your private SOUL VOICE session.


One hour-long, private session via Skype.

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