{Summer Special} SOUL READING

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SOUL (10).png

{Summer Special} SOUL READING


SOUL READING is a mini- Intensive that will give you ultimate clarity on your GENIUS, your SOUL- GIFTS as well as an guided experience to embody your own soul.

In SOUL READING you will:

  • Find your SOUL GIFTS (accurately and precisely)
  • Receive guidance on how to awaken your GENIUS
  • Receive guidance on how to balance your Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine
  • Be guided to experience the embodiment of your soul

SOUL CONSULTATION is for you if:

  • You would like to receive more clarity around your gifts 
  • You would like to know accurately and precisely what your gifts are
  • You would like to know specifically how you can use your soul gifts in your life and career
  • You would like to explore your Soul in more depth 
  • You would like to receive insights and wisdom on how you can use your gifts in your career or business
  • You are feeling stuck and would like to reconnect with your Soul and the natural flow of your destiny 
  • You would like support and empowerment around an issue you are experiencing in your health, relationships or career


  1. 1h-long private session
  2. Recommended practices and remedies 
  3. 45-min follow up session


Once we receive your registration, we will contact you via email within 24h to schedule your private 1h long session over the Skype/phone.

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