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VOICE ANALYSIS will reveal hidden physical, mental and emotional blocks keeping you from your most authentic expression in your life and career.

 VOICE ANALYSIS is the quickest way I know to guide you to identify specific blocks preventing you from being HEARD and UNDERSTOOD in your life and career. 

Having blocks in your throat chakra will make you feel mute, unheard, misunderstood, small and insecure. It causes you to feel alone and not feeling you belong anywhere.  Also it will cost you in your ability to effectively communicate in an authentic way and build fulfilling relationships full of intimacy.

Once you are aware of exact, unique blocks standing on your way to full expression, you can begin to naturally let them go and automatically find yourself feeing heard, seen and understood. You can easily begin to feel like you are supported and on track to fulfill your destiny.

Voice Analysis will reveal to you:

1. exact blocks that are blocking you to unlock your true voice and communicate in language that’s clearly understood 

2. how to open your voice so you can reach and touch more people and transform more lives with your gifts and art

3. how to learn to speak in a way that’s fully received by others.

4. how to create authentic connection with your clients and family by the way you communicate with them

5. how to effortlessly connect with you authentic voice and be able to speak your truth with ease and grace

6.how to be understood and accepted by others and stop feeling small and insecure 

7. how to unlock your uninhibited expression

8. how to consciously communicate with truth and presence


Once we receive your purchase, we will contact you via email within 24h to schedule your private 45min long session over the Skype/phone.


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