Maeve Swan is soul-stirring singer, dancer and artist with voice that weaves ancient secrets of sacred sound with a modern expression and creates transformational experience for the audience hungry for musical refinement and authentic expression. Maeve is often referred to as  a modern day Muse, not only because her art transports the audience into a different, magical reality but also because she can invoke and activate your unique Soul Genius.

Maeve Swan is the Founder and Director of Voice Alchemist Studio, where she guides and mentors entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries to actualize their unique Soul Genius in their life and career.

Maeve has ability to accurately and precisely read your Soul Genius and help you actualize them in your life and career.  She also has an unique ability to hear the subtleties of sound in your voice  and provides feedback on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that hold back your authentic expression. She guides you through blocks and breakthroughs, so you can discover your one true Voice and actualize your unique Soul Genius in your life and career.

Maeve has the magical ability to hear the subtleties of sound and understand how the voice can be a vehicle for spiritual transmission, emotional strength and crystal clear communication. I have deeply enjoyed working with Maeve to harness the power of my own voice and amplify my sacred work in this world. I would highly recommend Maeve’s Alchemical Voice processes to anyone seeking to expand their unique expression and master their message.
I have felt more seen and more heard here than I think I ever have in my life.
— Jill McCarthy, NEW YORK
I’ve always wanted to have a stronger voice but had no idea how to do it. I had a hard time clearly expressing my feelings and thoughts. Marija made me feel so safe, understood and supported, while guiding me gently but firmly to stretch out of my comfort zone. She provided the right framework and security for me to open up and explore my voice. I’m now able to speak up in front of groups more often. I’m expressing myself more and more, and it feels great! I’m inspired to explore more creative outlets for my ideas. Now that I have begun the work, I feel there is no stopping me. I’m excited about all the possibilities. So grateful xoxo
… I’ve become more aware of what I’m saying and HOW I speak it. It’s certainly a new way of being for me, but I am much more connected with my clients. In fact - a few of them have begun to say how healing my voice is... which makes me want to connect even deeper to it.
— Crystal Rasmussen, MONTANA