Maeve Swan is the Voice Alchemist for top coaches, speakers, artist and healers in the world. 

Maeve Swan is the Founder and Director of Voice Alchemist Studio, a virtual sacred space dedicated to voice and creative expression. She guides and mentors entrepreneurs, artists, healers and visionaries to awaken and master the true voice in their life’s work.

As a Voice Alchemist*, Maeve blends her expertise and gifts as a singer, artist and shaman. She has the unique ability to hear the subtleties of sound. She works with her clients to hear their voice in a profound way. Then provides feedback on what is happening with the voice on a deeper level. She guides her clients through blocks and breakthroughs, so they can discover a voice and creative expression that is uniquely theirs.

Maeve studies the secrets of ancient music and sound with world-class mentors, including renowned scholars of Indian classical music, Native American and Mayan shamans. She is a trained vocalist who studied with the best vocal coaches in the Western musical tradition. Maeve has performed and taught in exotic venues all over Europe, Asia, North and Central America. Her forth-coming musical project, is planned for a release in summer 2017.


*Alchemist: a spiritual practitioner with the magical power to purify, transform and perfect the common human experience into a special and extraordinary one.