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Essential Expressions- Vision Quest:

Vision Quest to awaken you unique Voice and your truest Expression

A boutique one-day private and transformative experience in exclusive destinations


You are confident, you have a track record of success, and you thrive on a challenge. 

Those who know you admire what you have achieved.

And yet –

YOU know you are still playing small

YOU know you are still playing invisible

YOU know you are still not letting your voice be heard

YOU know you are still not fully expressing your uniqueness

YOU know you are still not celebrating your beauty

YOU know you are capable of more, and

YOU know you could be making a more powerful impact in your world

If you have – or you are ready to begin crafting – a bolder vision for your life, and want to: 
Dive deeper into what you are capable of
Step more fully into your power as a woman 
Show up more powerfully in your world, and
Begin creating what you want in life from deep inner foundations of freedom and ease,
Essential Expressions could be for you.

Essential Expression is a unique experience for you to connect with your voice and your expression on a deeper level and create your life and career form this place of your uniqueness. Essential Expressions is a gateway into awakening and claiming your Voice as your ART and the purest expression of who you are. And also, it is a map for you to start crafting your life and career in a way that you desire.

Essential Expressions is a unique experience designed for you to unleash your unique Voice, awaken the hidden dimensions of your Voice and explore the connection between your voice and all areas of your life, including career, relationship and your Soul purpose. From this empowered place, you will have a new vision into all the possibilities available to you to fully step into your power as a woman.

 This is for you if you desire to:

  • Express your unique essence in your life and career
  • Own your unique Voice and share it with the world
  • Awaken your unique NAKED voice
  • Show up more powerfully in your life
  • Step more fully into your power as a woman
  • Unleash your magnetism in your life and career
  • Create magic when you share your voice
  • Voice your Soul
  • Own the stage and captivate your audience
  • Explore the art of authentic communication in all your relationships

This program includes one full day personal Intensive, uniquely tailor for you, plus a follow up sessions. 

Sites, scents, tones and flavours of the Essential Expressions..

How does it work:

  • Register for your Essential Expressions - Vision Quest spot
  • As soon as your payment is received you will be contacted and asked to choose date and time for your session
  • You will receive an email with all the details about the preparation for your session
  • You will enjoy full-day Essential Expressions- Vision Quest Intensive at the selected location
  • After the Intensive you will have a follow up session

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